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July 18, 201802:12 PM
Chandler Dentist Provides 5 Things You Didn't Know About All-on-4 Denture Implants Do Dentists Treatments Work Better Than OTC Whitening? Practically every toothpaste on the market offers whitening products these days, but can store-bo
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July 17, 201812:31 AM
Do Dentists Treatments Work Better than OTC Whitening?
July 10, 201812:06 PM
Do Dentists Treatments Work Better than OTC Whitening? Porcelain Crowns Restore Damaged Teeth in Chandler Do you have a damaged tooth that’s causing you pain or upsetting the harmony of your smile? Porcelai
Mark Arooni DDS shared a link.
July 3, 201802:56 PM
Timeline Photos ​Sunscreen only works where it's applied. Don't forget these areas, and let your sunscreen dry before getting in the water.
July 3, 201802:56 PM
Porcelain Crowns Restore Damaged Teeth in Chandler Cosmetic Dentistry - Chandler, AZ Don’t Miss Out on These Top 5 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Cosmetic dentistry is a form of dental care that hones
Mark Arooni DDS shared a link.
June 27, 201812:32 PM
Timeline Photos You'll never know your strength until you've faced your struggles.
June 27, 201812:55 AM
A smile at the right time can turn a whole day around. Try it!
June 24, 201801:56 PM
We are always looking for more patients just like you. Are you ready to WIN our Summer Giveaway? You don't have much time left. All you have to do is refer your friends, family and co-workers to our office to ...
June 22, 201812:57 AM

Mark Arooni DDS is feeling happy.
June 20, 201802:24 PM
Don't Look Back ​If you want to successfully change your habits to live a healthier life, you cannot leave an open door to your old habits. You need to just do it, just make a decision and not look back.
​If you want ...
June 20, 201810:00 AM
June 14, 201812:15 AM
Straight teeth give you more than a pretty smile! They help align your jaw and support the muscles of your face too!
Visit our website
June 13, 201801:29 PM
Timeline Photos By adopting positive behaviors like eating well, exercising, and balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy, you build a foundation that preserves an overall well experience in life. ​
June 6, 201801:39 PM
Timeline Photos Be happy, be bright and make today amazing.​
May 30, 201802:49 PM
Timeline Photos ​The end of the day is a perfect time to reflect on the things you're grateful for.
May 23, 201804:32 PM
Timeline Photos Decreasing your sugar intake is as simple as avoiding foods that are high in refined sugars, such as soft drinks, candy, sweetened cereals, as well as most condiments.
May 1, 201803:21 PM
You made us feel really special last month. Now we're returning the favor. #SmallThanks
March 14, 201804:23 PM
Find your next great career opportunity at Mark Arooni dds
March 14, 201804:22 PM
January 16, 201804:13 PM
January 10, 201803:28 PM
How Laser Dentistry Can Make Treatment More Comfortable
November 9, 201710:48 PM
Understanding the Difference Between Implant Dentures and Traditional Dentures in Chandler
November 7, 201710:41 AM
Who is the Best Dentist in Chandler, AZ?
October 26, 201706:08 PM
Check out UruG S.'s review of Mark Arooni, DDS on @yelp
February 5, 201511:00 PM Mark Arooni DDSThe concept of replacing lost or extracted teeth has been around for millennia, but the complexities of tooth loss have not been thoroughly understood … +1s 0 0 1
December 24, 201412:42 AM
Merry Christmas. Wish you all a happy and safe holiday Merry Christmas. Wish you all a happy and safe holiday +1s 1 0 1
August 12, 201402:34 PM
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Dr. Mark Arooni and our staff offer comprehensive dental treatment, with a complete range of cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and general dentistry. Each team member possesses an unwavering dedication to impeccable service and an exemplary dental care. Your comfort will always be our top priority, and we have created a friendly, welcoming environment for you to enjoy. In our practice, you will discover contemporary dental care designed for your complete satisfaction. We believe that teeth should look great, function properly, and withstand the rigors of daily life. Dr. Arooni combines the science of restoring teeth with artistic vision in cosmetic dentistry to produce strong, beautiful smiles.
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1949 West Ray Road, #26
Chandler, AZ 85224

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